Seven Amazing Bakers to Follow on Instagram

I’m always on the lookout for new baking inspiration, and Instagram is the perfect place to find it. My feed is always full of delicious creations, so I wanted to share some of my favourite bakers to follow!

You can thank me later…

The Scran Line

Nick Makrides’ ‘The Scran Line’ was one of the first accounts I followed at the start of my baking journey. A graphic designer and incredibly talented baker, his cupcakes, cakes, macarons, fudge and cheesecakes – I could go on – come in all manner of funky designs, while his videos provide plenty of inspiration for bakers of any ability. Hands down, one of the most colourful and creative bakers out there!

Preppy Kitchen

A middle-school teacher turned culinary maestro (and dad of two adorable boys, I might add), John Kanell is a must-follow for all bakers. His creates a wide variety of sweet treats, from mouth-watering chocolate chip cookie bars to fresh fruit tarts, complete with easy-to-follow tutorial videos. The one that got me hooked? John’s marshmallow brownies are incredible!

Crumbs and Doilies

While I haven’t had the opportunity to meet the Cupcake Jemma herself (aka Jemma Wilson), I have been lucky enough to visit her Soho shop a handful of times. And it’s so worth the trip – Crumbs and Doilies serves up delicious cupcakes, brownies and cakes every day, with a range of flavours to choose from. If you’re looking for both flavour and decoration inspiration, C&D is definitely worth a follow.

Matt Adlard

Formerly known as the Topless Baker, Matt is a self-taught baker and pastry chef whose videos will make you drool – even without a shirtless, muscly man in the background! His Instagram is full of beautiful, intricate desserts combining all sorts of textures and flavours. Choux pastry, biscuits, mousse, ganache, chocolate domes, curds – you name it and Matt’s got you covered.


I first came across Pleesecakes when founder and cheesecake extraordinaire Joe Moruzzi appeared on Dragons’ Den back in 2018. One quick look at his amazing creations and I followed immediately – and bought a copy of the Pleesecakes recipe book. These amazing cheesecakes come in so many tempting flavours and are piled high with edible decorations. If you’ve ever thought a cheesecake doesn’t need much in the way of toppings, think again.

Rosie’s Dessert Spot

I could watch Rosie’s cake construction videos for hours…and I probably have. Her Instagram is the perfect place to learn about cake decorating techniques, including fondant and buttercream designs, piping skills, drip cakes, chocolate decorations, multi-tiered cakes and more. Rosie even runs detailed cake decorating classes via her website, for those who want to learn more.

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Last but certainly not least, Sally is another baker who I’ve been following for years. Baker, blogger, mum, author and photographer, she does it all! Sally’s Instagram is chocked full of beautiful biscuits, cupcakes, sweets, breads, cakes and pastries, along with helpful tips and tricks to achieve the perfect bake.

It would be impossible to list every incredible baker on Instagram – there are so many talented people all over the world! I’m always looking for new bakers to follow and connect with, so if you have any recommendations, leave a comment below or drop me a message.

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