About Me

Hey! My name’s Kirsty – self-taught baker, copywriter and puppy/kitten mum. Welcome to my sugary, floury, chocolatey world!

I live in Gloucestershire with my fiancé, two beautiful golden retrievers and the most chilled out ginger tom cat you’ll ever meet.

I’ve always considered myself a foodie – despite being a nightmare to feed as a child – and have always had a serious sweet tooth. But it wasn’t until a lazy Sunday afternoon in 2014 that I discovered my love of baking. Having recently moved into a new flat with my very own kitchen, I began to bake sweet treats for my colleagues, and I haven’t stopped since (not counting the six weeks I endured without a functioning oven last year)!

Fast forward to 2020 and after years of practice, this Creative Copywriter decided it was time to put her copywriting skills and baking know-how to use. And so, The Sweet Taste Bakery was born!

I can’t wait to share my favourite recipes with you!

Kirsty x

If you have a recipe suggestion or any questions, you can contact me here.