10 of the best baking accounts to follow on Instagram

Whether you’re an experienced baker or still finding your groove, we can all do with a little inspiration from time to time. My go-to for baking inspo is definitely Instagram – I could, and often do, spend hours scrolling through reams of beautiful photos full of mouth-watering cupcakes, macarons, pies, doughnuts, breads, layered cakes…you name it.

I’m constantly in awe of the incredible creations I see out there, especially from the bakers on this list, who demonstrate incredible talent with their beautiful bakes. 

A word to the wise: you might not want to read this on an empty stomach…

  1. @ennahs.cakes

Ennah is an hugely talented baker from Leeds who’s following has just explored over the last year or so – and for good reason. Her mixed style cupcakes are so creative, with a gorgeous combination of colours and piping techniques that make her bakes look irresistible. 

  1. @danepemberton

I’ve been following Dane for quite a few years now. He’s one of the amazing bakers at Crumbs and Doilies in London, and he’s obviously incredibly passionate about what he does. His account is so positive and full of energy – as well as some amazing looking bakes.

  1. @isabellita_bakes

Isa is a 24 year old baker who only started baking professionally in 2019, but has built an incredible following in such a short time. Her layer cakes are just outstanding – so beautiful. And her cupcake videos are just a joy to watch. 

  1. @theflourgirl

I started following Lindsay’s account more recently than some of the other bakers on this list. Her videos are great to watch – all of her creations are so colourful and unique. She demonstrates a real range of skills as well, which is fantastic inspo for any baker. 

  1. @junipercakery

I became obsessed with Juniper Cakery creations as soon as I saw them. They always look amazing! But the real draw for me is their cupcakes…they’re just perfect. One of the most beautiful baking accounts out there, no doubt. 

  1. @isabakes

Not to be confused with @isabellita_bakes! Isabel recently opened her own bakery in Rawtenstall (just north of Manchester) and it’s just goals. She sells all sorts of delicious treats – cookies, brownies, blondies, doughnuts, and even homemade ice cream. I can’t wait to visit as soon as I get the chance. 

  1. @hertfordcakesco

Another bakery I desperately want to visit! Shannon is basically living my dream with a gorgeous little shop in Hertford. Selling a wide variety of cookies, cakes and traybakes – as well as bespoke orders – Shannon and her team never disappoint when it comes to baking inspiration. 

  1. @lydiascakess

I absolutely adore Lydia’s cakes. Literally…her layer cakes are gorgeous!  Muted tones with pops of colour, beautiful piping and decorations. Her designs are always super chic and modern. 

  1. @makemoorecake

Eileen’s account is just awesome. She’s a preschool teacher who bakes for fun…but also has over 35K followers. She makes the most adorable and creative mini cakes, including cakes from pics her kids draw. It’s just adorable, and she posts a video for each cake, showing every step of the decoration. 

  1. @sarahs_cake_company

Last but certainly not least, Sarah’s Cake Company is another must on your Instagram inspo list. Her feed is full of a variety of delicious baked goods, but cupcakes are her signature. I wish I lived closer to Poole because you can now order her amazing treats on Deliveroo! 

If you fancy adding yours truly to that list and giving me a cheeky little follow, you can find me @thesweettastebakery. 

Lots of love to everyone who likes, comments and shares on social x

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