Where do I buy my baking equipment?

Take it from me: you can never have too much when it comes to baking tools. 

Okay, so my fiance might (*cough* totally *cough*) disagree with me, but there really are a lot of bits of equipment you’ll need to buy if you want to do a lot of baking. 

Tins, piping nozzles, palette knives, baking mats, moulds, spatulas, mixers, boxes, toppers, stamps…I could go on and and and on. You get the picture.

Over time I’ve found some really great places to return to again and again for various baking related bits and bobs, so I thought a shortlist would be helpful for any beginners out there. 

Cake Craft Company 

If you want to buy in bulk, this is the place to go. Rather than buying one cake box and board at a time, I’ll now buy them in large packs of 10 or 20, which is so much easier to do and much more cost effective. I also have yet to make an order with the Cake Craft Company without buying myself some new sprinkles. 


The Cake Decorating Company 

The Cake Decorating Company is very similar to the Cake Craft Company. They’re both brilliant and both have great variety. The Cake Decorating Company is another go to for large orders and is a treasure trove of new equipment to explore. They do also offer next day delivery for orders before 8pm, which is awesome.


Bake Box Boutique 

I only discovered Bake Box Boutique fairly recently through Instagram. They stock some really nice collections, including a range of really cool stamp embossers and cookie cutters, with such a variety of seasonal designs. I highly recommend following them not only because it’s a fantastic small business, but also because of their amazing baking inspiration. 



For a while in the early days, Hobbycraft was essentially the one and only place I’d go to for baking equipment. Most of my piping nozzles probably came from Hobbycraft (they have a great Wilton selection, just FYI). Nowadays, I’ll still pop in from time to time to browse the cake decorating supplies.



I love Lakeland. Wherever I am, I’ll always pop into a Lakeland if I see one, even if I don’t need anything. To be honest, nine times out of ten I’ll come out with bags full anyway. They have a really fantastic selection of baking equipment and although some of the branded bits can be a little pricey, Lakeland’s own range will always offer some great value items. 



Good old Amazon! As much as I’m actually trying to move away from doing big chunks of online shopping on Amazon, next day delivery really can be a God send if I’ve had a last-minute request or I’ve forgotten something. However, a word to the wise; always read the reviews!



And finally, we have the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, etc. In addition to buying the majority of my ingredients at supermarkets, you can sometimes find some very good deals on decent equipment, such as cake tins and baking trays. I wouldn’t really recommend supermarket piping nozzle and bag sets, as these tend to be quite small and not great quality, but it’s always worth keeping an eye out for bakeware. 

Where do you buy your baking equipment? I’d love to hear any suggestions to add to my list. Drop me a message or leave me a comment down below.

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